The Fine Arts Programs

Visual Arts – During visual arts programming, students practice techniques that will help them master the skills of drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and multi-media. These programs focus on fundamental skills and the principles and elements of the arts. By attending these programs, students will gain the skills needed to truly depict anything they want, in whichever way they want; whether it be abstract, realistic, surreal, illustrative, and/or a combination of these styles. In addition to these programs, students are given opportunity to attend an Art Club each semester. In this club, students participate in a much more independent way; focusing on their own, individual or collaborative, masterpieces.

Music  During music programming, students focus on exercises and practices that will grow them into participating musicians. Students focus on many different aspects of music, such as beat and rhythm, dynamics, timing, and intonation. Students learn these skills by participating in activities like choir, drumming, guitar, ukulele, and ensemble groups. In addition to any music programming students attend, some clubs have “Band” or “Music” clubs. These clubs have students working together to cover and write songs of their own.

Fort Lupton Choir – This group of students meets once per week to practice music skills and singing as a group. They spend some of their sessions practicing rhythm, beat, cadence, dynamics, and/or intonation, and some of their sessions they spend just having fun and singing together.

“The Band” at Pawl – The Band is a small group of students that meet 2-4 times per week to rock out and cover some of their favorite tunes. They each take time learning         their parts on their respective instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums, and ukulele).

Theater – During theater programs, students participate in short plays, movement workshops, speech workshops, improvise-theater activities and games, and other activities that stretch their imaginations and grow their self-confidence and public speaking skills. Sometimes these programs look like mime games, plays, “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”  games, monologue exercises, or other theater activities.

Dance – Dance programs give students another way to let out some energy, have fun, and express themselves. Students participate in different levels of dance programs from easy and intermediate level programs, to more advanced programs. Students can participate in many different dance styles. Currently, there has been a focus on Hip Hop dance. However, with the growth of the programs, students will have access to experiences in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and more.

Untouchables – The Untouchables are Pawl’s very own hip hop dance troupe. They participate in Hip Hop Madness, at UNC, every year, and love performing at other events and celebrations. The Untouchables are made of up students in grades K-12 and the Pawl Clubhouse.

Life/Academic Application – With a decline of the arts in our public schools, students are losing experiences in all of these valuable art areas. The arts have been linked, in a multitude of studies, to an improvement of other academic areas. If this was not enough, the arts inherently teach vital life skills and character traits that make them inherently valuable to a child’s growth. The arts help students improve their level of focus, problem solving skills, ability to constructively critique, levels of collaboration and cooperation, ability to envision an end product or result, level of creativity and imagination, ability to persist through adversity and/or monotony, ability to hone a skill and want to get better, and their level of resourcefulness.  These skills and character traits give students the ability to enter the professional world confidently and with the ability to be active contributors to their future communities.