Director: Ellen Clark,

AM Kindergarten:

Tuesday – Thursday: 11:30 (as soon as school ends,) – 3:45
Friday: 8:20 – 3:45

PM Kindergarten:
Monday: 8:20 – 2:15
Tuesday – Thursday: 8:20 – 12:35 (as soon as school starts)

We hope to provide students with hands on learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom that link math, science, the real world, and future careers.

Daily Schedule: The KEP daily schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is pretty consistent. We sing songs, go through the calendar (day of the week, month, year, season, and the weather), and read a story. The main portion of the day will be spent in a “makers space” environment. Students are given the opportunity to engage in free play that relates to the theme we are studying. For example, during our cooking unit they will have the option to create their own menu, build a restaurant out of blocks or cardboard boxes, play kitchen, and actually cook in the kitchen. We believe in giving them the chance to develop oral language, friendship skills, and problem solving skills in a free choice environment. We will then move into our math and science block of the day. This will include practicing counting to 100, playing math games, and doing hands on science experiments. When we do our spring animals unit, students will keep extensive science journals as they wait 21 days for chicks to hatch, for a tadpole to turn into a frog, for caterpillars to turn to butterflies, and other fun life cycles. Our goal is to create a love for learning and going to school.

Themes we will study include: 5 senses, weather, fall, energy, thanksgiving, transportation, money, cooking, construction, spring, life cycles, and plants.

Monfort Clubhouse

2400 West 4th Street Greeley, CO 80631